Train Goes Sway

As the train goes to her home Taking along many away from home As if laughing its way, on the paradox of life Making noises full of emotions Keeping the motion, with a little sway – this way that way We move on with unpredictable situation passing through Changing tracks to make it straight Paving way to destiny’s path Curves... more →
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Crack the Boot

Years back, a philosopher,  enlightened by a spiritual guru decided to go on an unending journey to meet people at large . On a fine morning, he put on his old & rugged chappals and walked out of his sober hut. The philosopher travelled long distances and spoke to many whom he came across. On his way people recognized the philosopher... more →
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Wind of Life

Life is a wind of happiness and sorrows Narrow all happenings to experience  Express your lows to yourself , make it wisdom Witness each mile of failure with courage Rage against all obstacles to win Blink the eyes of your shadowed heart Explore to see opportunities around Wave your intelligence rather than short comings     ... more →
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Unique Strength

Franc, a traveller always had the habit of travelling in the night to enjoy every minute of the chillness. This gave him immense pleasure. He always walked carelessly in the freezing temperature to witness the life of the poor people living in the pavements.Heinteracted with these workers as a friend and ended up in a park in the... more →
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Unmindful Act

     It was an incandescent night as the stars twinkled and the moonlight shone. All the elderly people and the youth of Xala club arranged a meet in a resort. Since the night was bright they did not use the focus lights in the resort. The meet went for long hours in the night. The members felt a shake, they halted the... more →
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The Emergence

Blog by : Subhashree India Writes Together Note : This article is portrayed with characters to bring it to life             This article is not connected to real incident   Vincent, John and Victor were close friends. The three buddies completed their schooling and university education. Vincent was a graduate in Engineering... more →
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The Truth Realm

Change is not easy but it is possible   Long – long ago, in a city of no mans prevailed a truth. The truth is unknown to many. It was a less traveled path. Everyone was scared because they had heard something unusual about the city. There was a rumour that in the city, a lake is surrounded with unnoticed facts. So the people... more →
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The Winning Hearts

It was a beautiful morning,  Jordan came to his garden to refresh himself by spending time  to talk to  flowers that blossomed with smile. The fresh air and chirps of birds always brought a sense of positivity in him. Jordan was a man with a tremendous knowledge in science. He wrote many theories to prove science plays a critical... more →
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Goods & Service Tax

As an Indian citizen, we should welcome this challenging initiative of Good and Services Tax which would prove to be an economic leap for India. Goods and Service Tax (GST) is a significant move that binds all States together as one nation. This move has been wholeheartedly accepted and agreed by all States which itself shows that... more →
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Little Book For Stunning Success+ Tool For Action Mastery

Prologue Author : Robin Sharma A renouned Indian best seller author has writen Little Book For Stunning Success+ Tool For Action Mastery  Publisher : Jaico Publishing House, Mumbai The title  – Stunning Success  gives a distinctive idea about the book. The book has brought in the  aspects of success into a clear and undistinguished... more →
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