The Biscuit World

IntroductionThe 20th century diet was seen as a ready to eat crunches for the affluent class, was once a rural supplement. There are many food items which become popular for a period of time and then disappear. There are some which remain popular only in certain geographies. To outgrow itself to become a global food and... more →
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Train Goes Sway

As the train goes to her home Taking along many away from home As if laughing its way, on the paradox of life Making noises full of emotions Keeping the motion, with a little sway – this way that way We move on with unpredictable situation passing through Changing tracks to make it straight Paving way to destiny’s path Curves... more →
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Unique Strength

Franc, a traveller always had the habit of travelling in the night to enjoy every minute of the chillness. This gave him immense pleasure. He always walked carelessly in the freezing temperature to witness the life of the poor people living in the pavements.Heinteracted with these workers as a friend and ended up in a park in the... more →
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Little Book For Stunning Success+ Tool For Action Mastery

Prologue Author : Robin Sharma A renouned Indian best seller author has writen Little Book For Stunning Success+ Tool For Action Mastery  Publisher : Jaico Publishing House, Mumbai The title  – Stunning Success  gives a distinctive idea about the book. The book has brought in the  aspects of success... more →
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Making A Life To Live

Live with Involvement to the Fullest to Enjoy (LIFE) Live a life to satisfy you Life makes wonders when you see it positively Every minute is to cherish with good thoughts Thoughts are primary ideas that lead us to success or failure Bring in energy  to make others happy around you Life may have ups and downs Goal is one ………………….... more →
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SIMPLE PRESENT TENSE(SUBJECT + VERB + OBJECT/ INDIRECT OBJECT / DIRECT OBJECT) Simple present tense explains about the work you do on a daily basis. RULE 1 Use ‘es’  near third person singular if necessary. Use’s’near third person singular. Use simple form of verb near third person plural. EXAMPLE I go to school. You... more →
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FILL IN THE BLANKS WITH  CONJUNCTION 1.We were planning to go out _______________our plan was dropped.Films play a vital role in society. It _____________ has many bad effects youngsters  I have to carry out this work ______________________ that I can relax.  Robin _____Rahul went to Mumbai  George and Ram are ordered to complete... more →
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