Crack the Boot

Years back, a philosopher,  enlightened by a spiritual guru decided to go on an unending journey to meet people at large . On a fine morning, he put on his old & rugged chappals and walked out of his sober hut. The philosopher travelled long distances and spoke to many whom he came across. On his way people recognized the philosopher by his bearded face and his intellectual probing eyes. Some went by staring at him and some greeted him. Once twilight sets in indicating time for day end, he told  the village men that he would be staying in their town for a week . People who heard his wisdom were happy to take him home. Many said that he was a boon to this deserted town and his coming would bring in good fortunes through the wisdom he carried.

On the second day, the philosopher  asked the residents to gather for his lecture on Developmental aspects of  Science and Society. Everybody gathered near a temple to listen to his speech. He started his lecture with a quote “Everyone born on this earth is equal”. The statement energized the public. They listened to the speech with interest and they took this opportunity to learn more about development of science and society. The philosopher told them science and society is interlinked.  Science is a material to develop a society with all amenities.  Society is an instrument in the hands of science. The world grows with inventions and innovations. Rajesh, a person from the crowd shot a question to the philosopher, why the world is behind science? The philosopher answered: science is the pillar for any development as we know, man wants something new every day.  Science has taken a huge turn in the recent times.

From the past to present science exists in various forms. Science was used to develop in the past but now in the name of science we are spoiling our livelihood. Technology has overtaken abilities in a sense we have started using science for destroying our own nature. As technologies improve we should grow as nation but in turn spoiled our growth. The philosopher took a break for lunch. Uh! Seeing the people hurrying for lunch he  was shocked. He became speechless. After the break, he commenced the session two for day. Everybody was sleepy,  yawning and least interested in the lecture. The philosopher tried to make the session as interesting as possible but he was unsuccessful in his attempts. It was dusk by then. Before returning home for rest, Jacklin, a youngster approached the philosopher greeted the wisdom giver and told him the lecture at the noon was a splendid insight. The philosopher was delighted and and thanked the young girl with a warm smile.

The next day, he started the session with a game. All age groups participated in the activity with enthusiasm. The game prolonged for 15 minutes. As they were enthusiastically involved in the game, he called all the people back for the session. People were full of energy and involved themselves in the session. Now, the philosopher commenced the session at ease. He told that Science is the backbone of the society.  There are many dimensions in science for the society to develop. As he was giving his lecture people shot many questions from the crowd. He was astonished to see people involved in his session. The day went on with lots of discussion on Science – An instrument for growth. Debates were conducted. The argument heated up. Finally at the end of the day he told science is a model for growth.

The dawn of the fourth day was even more energetic. The philosopher discussed on the aspects of scientific development and aspects of technological advancement in society. He told that science is virtual and can be destroyed at any time, but  nature is to be protected. We have started misusing the power of science. With the help of technology arms are manufactured and terrorists groups make use of the advancement. As they do we also use artificial pesticides for ripening and also use hazardous technologies and we become a reason for climate change.

Vimal, a person from the group asked: How can the problem of scientific development improvised? The philosopher applauded for the question and told it  is not simple but possible. He paused and told we are getting secluded from the world. People did not utter a word in return. They started to ponder what should be done.

At the rise of the fifth day, it was time for the philosopher to leave the town. When he stepped out of the town, he turned and asked the people what are you planning to do for enriching scientific development in society and safeguarding the nature?About 25 youngsters participated in the lecture  along with Jacklin and they shouted in chorus, society has given us a lot but we have not given back to the society, they  told him they would ensure scientific development for the betterment of the society and not for destroying the mankind and the nature. They also told him they would harbor the good news in the minds of youngsters and spread it around. The philosopher was happy with the response he received and went happily.

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