Little Book For Stunning Success+ Tool For Action Mastery

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Author : Robin Sharma

A renouned Indian best seller author has writen Little Book For Stunning Success+ Tool For Action Mastery 

Publisher : Jaico Publishing House, Mumbai

The title  – Stunning Success gives a distinctive idea about the book. The book has brought in the  aspects of success into a clear and undistinguished  spectrum. The author has dealt the concept in depth to make the reader realize his/her  power of leadership. Robin Sharma , a leadership guru starts his book with a powerful line:

Leadership is a philosophy.It’s an attitude. It’s a state of mind. And it is available to each one of us.

The power statement invokes a sense of motivation and inner culmination.

Motivation – A Mantra

The key  is desire to win. The book creates responsibility within. The ideals are simple and elegant in its own way. The term focus is emphasized in different bent to produce  many successful legendaries in the future. The spotlight is on What is Success? How to witness Success? and  criteria in  making a difference in life. Every statement reveals the essentiality of holding up success and also its pros in life. The author explains the intricacies to be a leader.


Book for Whom?

The author aims at reaching you, youngsters, the budding leaders of tomorrow. The main theme indicates and highlights success thoughts in a brief and understandable manner. Youngsters are the focus point in regard to this book. Read the book to taste your part of success.




Idea becomes Thought

Thought becomes Action

Action becomes Habit


Make success a habit




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