Making A Life To Live

Live with Involvement to the Fullest to Enjoy (LIFE) Live a life to satisfy you Life makes wonders when you see it positively Every minute is to cherish with good thoughts Thoughts are primary ideas that lead us to success or failure Bring in energy  to make others happy around you Life may have ups and downs Goal is one ………………….... more →
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SIMPLE PRESENT TENSE(SUBJECT + VERB + OBJECT/ INDIRECT OBJECT / DIRECT OBJECT) Simple present tense explains about the work you do on a daily basis. RULE 1 Use ‘es’  near third person singular if necessary. Use’s’near third person singular. Use simple form of verb near third person plural. EXAMPLE I go to school. You... more →
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Obedient Servant

Robin an young man intended to commence a business. Initially he did not have financial support.In every stage  he was humiliated by people whomever he approached for help. Banks did not sanction him loans, his friends did not want to support. Everybody around him left him alone during his bad times. Robin who was  went to the... more →
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FILL IN THE BLANKS WITH  CONJUNCTION 1.We were planning to go out _______________our plan was dropped.Films play a vital role in society. It _____________ has many bad effects youngsters  I have to carry out this work ______________________ that I can relax.  Robin _____Rahul went to Mumbai  George and Ram are ordered to complete... more →
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Reading & Writing Skills

READING ENHANCEMENT Reading is an act to understand a message which is in a written format. It imparts insight on aspects the reader  may or may not be aware of. Doing the act aloud enables you to hear the pronunciation yourself. It improves your reading style. When  the  reader reads , may come across words that the reader  has... more →
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