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Reading is an act to understand a message which is in a written format. It imparts insight on aspects the reader  may or may not be aware of. Doing the act aloud enables you to hear the pronunciation yourself. It improves your reading style. When  the  reader reads , may come across words that the reader  has  never used while interacting. Knowing vocabulary is a virtue. Comprehend the article and analyse it.The style of reading and comprehending and also analyzing enhances the communication aspect at large. The learner or the reader tries to standardize his / her language to win over the other. Cultivating the habitat of reading makes a huge difference in all means.

Crack the edge find the jewel 

– Swaran Michael



Writing skill is as vital as reading. It gives a sense of understanding and thought gets refreshed. Penning words knowing the audience is essential. Writing ability generates knowledge and the writer enriches the subject in depth. Writing inculcates reading habit.

Follow Steps

Start an  essay with an introductory paragraph

  • The introductory paragraph should answer questions ‘ what, when , where and how’. The reader should have authentic information in the prologue of the article. It inculcates an interest to the reader.

 Body of an article or an essay plays a crucial role 

  • Content is so called body.
  • In this part research takes a significant role. Analyse the topic and share perspectives and thoughts  in depth.
  • The body can take a stretch of about three to four paragraph. Each paragraph should contain at least five to six sentences.

Conclusion is an analysis of an article

  • Summarize the important points and the findings from the research and investigation  in the write up.
  • Conclusion is an understanding that is perceived.

Reviewing and proof reading is a must

  • Reviewing and proof reading mean the same.
  • Proof reading enables to identify errors in the article. It helps to write without flaws.
  • In firms editors  review and proof read articles.
  • As writers, proof read  articles  to enhance the writing skills.


  • Good choice of words impresses the reader and invokes to read in detail. Avoid cliches in the sentences. Convey the message in a positive note. Do not use fillers in the sentences. Story writing should always be in the past form of tense. Pertain to one form of tense in an essay or article.
  • Never give  headings to differentiate the the paragraph. Each paragraph should be explained  with continuity.






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