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India Writes Together

Note : This article is portrayed with characters to bring it to life

 This article is not connected to real incident


Vincent, John and Victor were close friends. The three buddies completed their schooling and university education. Vincent was a graduate in Engineering , Victor had completed his degree in Economics. John had a masters’ degree in Public Administration. One day they decided to return to their home land. They started their journey towards their own land. They boarded the flight the following week. The journey time was nearly close to 24 hours. They were chatting, making fun with each other. John asked his friends, can we have a informal discussion? Vincent and Victor became enthusiastic and Vincent told we would discuss on development, economic growth, social status of common man, socialism and communism. The topic was broad and unique.

The discussion prolonged for hours together. John asked how to improve social status of the common folk? Victor answered: “social status of people is the responsibility of the individual. As educated youths we are responsible to spread awareness to the fellow beings and contribute to increase literacy rate in the village. Youngsters are the pillars to improve the social status. We could be a supporting hand for the youth to grow”. A co- passenger was inquisitively listening to the discussion. The co –passenger was astonished. He questioned on the economic growth to the youngsters. Vincent answered: “Funds are equally allotted to the country, state, union territories, districts, cities, towns and villages depending on the need, want and requirement. Each individual is responsible  to invest or raise voice to avail opportunities for their benefit. This enable a stable economic growth. In the urge to achieve and succeed they would utilise the funds in a organised manner. It would enable a faster reach among the world countries”.

John spoke on development – a basic requirement for a healthy and stable economic growth. He questioned himself and gave an answer to his friends. Development is the key factor that enables a sustainable socio – economic augmentation. He posted a question to his buddies. In your opinion what is development? Both of  his friends  started to ponder on the topic. But none was able to give an convincing answer. The co – passenger had an justifying answer for this question. He told that development is a want for economic benefits. The raise of market and technology has sown and also reaped the utmost remunerations in way of people being easily connected to the world around. Development has taken a huge turn around the sphere. Due to increase in  techno hubs the market and the people are engaged in knowing about the latest technologies launched and promoted to the users. He also stated in the bargain we ignore the importance of nature. When he concluded the topic he told nature is as important as development./

Later in the evening, the three young folks started their discussion after a break. The discussion took a huge turn towards socialism and communism. Vincent told that socialism and communism are two different and unique topics. Socialism- being equal and giving opportunities for all. Communism – making a particular community or group to enjoy the fruit. John added, socialism creates and develops unity among people. It is a sense of responsibility towards man kind , he also added. Vincent spoke on communism, he told that communism should be given primary importance. The discussion went into an argumentative mode. A social activist traveled with them. He was listening to them for some time. He told them socialism is the best way to have peaceful environment. When we serve the common man and deprived people the satisfaction is more than doing for a community. Serving a community may not yield results for the growth of the economy and the social status may not have a drastic change. Working for the people’s growth is the only way for development of the country.

Vincent, John and Victor were convinced that the growth of the society is dependent on the mindset of the people.



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