The Truth Realm

Change is not easy but it is possible


Long – long ago, in a city of no mans prevailed a truth. The truth is unknown to many. It was a less traveled path. Everyone was scared because they had heard something unusual about
the city. There was a rumour that in the city, a lake is surrounded with unnoticed facts. So the people were not taking the city road.The lake had a long history. One day, a trader took the road less traveled. He wondered: why the city road was used less. As he was new to the city to promote his product, he was anxious and was at the same time eager to know what was the reality. He met people in the out-skirts of the city where the people were residing. Perceptions revolved. Everybody had their own suspicions about the lake. Some were having a perception that in the city, an illegal business was going on, few others opined that unknown people from nearby town reach out to the city to discuss on secret issues and the natives of the city are not allowed into the city at night
times. Others believed it was a city of horror and nothing would be done about it.The trader started to introspect within himself. What a land ? A land that believes unrealisticand has superstious believes cannot come to reality. Another thought he persistently had washow he would sell his product to the people? It was a question that lingered in his mind. Hestarted to ponder on ideas to bring the people to reality.

To him, the city seemed to be well developed with all needed amenities.

An idea struck him…..

The trader called the residents of the city for a discussion. Everybody was hesitant to speakabout this to the trader. But the marketer insisted them to tell what was happening. Thepeople came out with their own views. So, the marketer told the common people: Let’s take efforts to find what’s on in the city. People also felt it is the right way to approach. They agreed and they were as eager as the trader to know what was the real situation in the city.They came to the city with lot of hopes as they entered their land after many years.The natives found that the lake was surrounded by a huge wall and there were precious gemsnear the lake. The trader brought about a significant change in the mindset of the people. Thetrader sold all his products and went happily.

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