Obedient Servant

Robin an young man intended to commence a business. Initially he did not have financial support.In every stage  he was humiliated by people whomever he approached for help. Banks did not sanction him loans, his friends did not want to support. Everybody around him left him alone during his bad times. Robin who was  went to the temple seeking God’s blessing. A year passed, second year passed, third year too passed. He did not witness fruitful result in his life. At the end of the third year, God called him to his chamber and asked him what is your ultimate aim? What do you want to achieve? The man answered “I want to earn money and be rich”. God sent him back home saying,”meet me tomorrow”.

The man returned home with many questions in mind. The man came to God the next day, he asked God:

Dear God, I have been praying to you for a good life. I have been at your door step every morning for the last 3 years. I have given sacrifices to please you, but why did’nt you answer my prayer?

God answered: My son, I want you to serve the needy with dedication and truthfulness for the next 12 years. The man was shocked. He told God I would not beable to earn and live a life I wanted to. God said,  I have reasons to make a person to be born on the earth. I have made you for achieving goals for yourself rather you are here to serve the people and preach the good news of the Lord and to spread happiness and peace amongst the common man. I will reward you for your good deed once you accomplish it.

Years rolled. The man was fulfiling the task assigned by God. One day a unknown person came to the man seeking help. The man obliged to help him. After few days he received a call from the  bank saying, someone has deposited one crore in your account. The man was astonished. He ran to God to thank him, God said, ‘you were obedient to my command so I rewarded you much more than what you asked me.



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