The Winning Hearts

It was a beautiful morning,  Jordan came to his garden to refresh himself by spending time  to talk to  flowers that blossomed with smile. The fresh air and chirps of birds always brought a sense of positivity in him. Jordan was a man with a tremendous knowledge in science. He wrote many theories to prove science plays a critical role in day to day life. One day, he came across a rich man, Kennedy who was distributing food packets to the poor. He was watching the man for quite some time. Hours later, the rich man came to Jordan asked him what was his thought at present, Jordan replied, I saw you distributing food to the poor and was amazed seeing service motive in you. The scientific researcher was curious to know about the rich man’s business. They shared their thoughts at large. Jordan was astonished with the way the business entrepreneur was speaking. His confidence was at its peak. Jordan also shared his experience as a scientific researcher. They had discussion on enhancement of science in the near future and lot more.

As they were engrossed in the chat, Jordan raised a question, being a business tycoon how do you get time to serve the needy? He answered in delight “I  see work and service as two different ideologies. Work is for bread and service is for peace and spreading joy amongst the lower stream of citizens. Jordan became even more curious to know how to manage work and relaxation. He started to ponder on the life sphere. As he was a scientific researcher, he started to relate life with science, his thought was how can he come out of a mechanical and prejudiced life. So, he buzzed Kennedy immediately. But unfortunately, the entrepreneur had left on a trip abroad for a business meet for a couple of weeks.

Days passed in silence. After Kennedy returned from his meet, he intended to call Jordan. He was enthralled to speak with Kennedy. Jordan fixed an appoint with Kennedy to speak. Kennedy was elated to meet Jordan. They met one evening.  The meeting was an experience of goodness and enrichment. Again, they commenced their discussion on varied dimensions. Jordan inquired into the depth of service and its  intricacies. Kennedy explained:

Service is the pillar for understanding the stigma of status and seeing a unbelievable turn out in lives. It is not a theory or study, it is compassion. When the beneficiaries meet, and thank me I am whelmed with joy. Earning in dollars is a fashion of material need today, but serving the poor and needy is a fashion in heart. As told, winning is our final destination in anything we do. Like- wise Winning Hearts of the downtrodden is always a blessing in disguise.

Jordan was glued to the message. Apart from a researcher in science, he turned out to be a enthusiastic social activist too. He learned to manage work and life. Years rolled. One day when he was relaxing in his garden, an idea struck him. He thought of a school that helps to study the need of the people. The school  grew up into a research foundation and it aimed at providing all amenities that a common requires.


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