Train Goes Sway

As the train goes to her home
Taking along many away from home
As if laughing its way, on the paradox of life
Making noises full of emotions
Keeping the motion, with a little sway – this way that way
We move on with unpredictable situation passing through

Changing tracks to make it straight
Paving way to destiny’s path
Curves and turns rough to travel
On our way we fall on ground
Learning to rise makes us lean on success

Twist to mend the way, new ideas transform
Take a train less travelled to discern our goals
Stones may crack on the face to mould us
Wound is the cream that make us strong
Success is not far in time nor fairs either
Do never foresee success and weep in the midway

Tasting every mile of our journey in life , blend the ride to live life in its
own stride.

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