Unique Strength

Franc, a traveller always had the habit of travelling in the night to enjoy every minute of the chillness. This gave him immense pleasure. He always walked carelessly in the freezing temperature to witness the life of the poor people living in the pavements.Heinteracted with these workers as a friend and ended up in a park in the neighbourhood to introspect his learning of the day.

One fine day,just before the sun rays hit the land,Franc moved towards the park thinking of the day with poor people. As he entered the park, he heard a loud cry. He was speechless and rushed to the spot, but he realized that there was no one around. Though he continued to hear the loud cry, he kept walking. When he sat to take rest, the cry suddenly stopped. Again, when he started walking, he heard the same voice. He was scared and rushed out of the place.

After a while, once the light shone, the commoners visited the park as usual. Just as Franc had experienced, the visitors also felt something unusual in the park. But, they stayed in the park and started to make speculations. The whole crowd in the park had varied thoughts lingering on the minds. On the third day of the incident, there were shocking news in the TV channels. The news telecast informed that the park had many uninformed and unidentified issues. The news also informed that twin investigators named, Jack and Mac had been appointed to solve the issue.

Franc hoped that the twins would come out with a solution. However, the public was not very hopeful about Jack and Mac. The twin brothers began to gather information on what was hidden in the park. Franc met the twins on the same day in the outdoors. Jack and Mac were not ready to disclose the plan to the traveller as they wanted to maintain secrecy. But the traveller inquisitively asked them what they had found so far. They gave a vague answer and avoided any further discussion. The twin brothers had a unique characteristic talent that they could use for the investigation.. They had the power to hypnotise the people.

When the commoners heard about this uniqueness, they were spellbound. When inquisitiveness increased among the crowd and everyone wanted to know more, the brothers told the power to hypnotise was not easy to learn and it came with tremendous practice. The explanation still inculcated an interest in the people. when they started to raise questions from all sides, Jack and Mac were enthralled to answer them.

When the questions were answered and crowd settled down, the brothers began to interrogate the people.  Jack and Mac also requested the director, George of Beam Hypnosis Centre where they had come from to guide them in the case. The director had a research duty, so he sent his assistant Heja who was an intellectual in the field.The people followed suite as they did to the twins and asked Heja on how the issue was going to be solved. He replied with disinterest and discouraged everyone from coming to him.

The three gathered more information about the happening in the park with  intense interaction and study. They also assumed that there could be some history in the ark that had clues. As Jack and Mac collected the information, Heja told them to have a record of their findings. The twin brothers had a speculative theory on what might have happened. Heja realized the the brothers had put their effort into this, and would be only fair if they were allowed to pursue further. He waited for them to come to him. The twin brothers tried to resolve their speculations but were not able to draw any conclusion devoid of facts. They requested Heja to guide them.

Heja immediately came to their ai and asked them with concern on what was their speculation. Jack and Mac always had encountered a rude response from Heja, but this was surprising. They asked him if after the people were hypnotised, would there be chances of them getting ill? Heja replied it is a state of unconsciousness under the control of someone. Nobody would become ill  by hypnosis.

Jack and Mac started their interrogation with Lin, one of people who had visited the park earlier. Jack encountered a problem when he hypnotised Lin. To start with he asked general questions to Lin to understand him better. Slowly when he tried to hypnotise, he found that Lin also had the capability to hypnotise.So, he concluded this person would not be able to help him further.

Mac was now in the interrogation room with Satvik, a school teacher, whom he was able to hypnotise easily. Capitalizing this chance, Mac asked all questions related to the park. The answer was the same that there was something unusual. What or how was it, the teacher was not able to answer. Mac gave up on him.

The third person, Frick Ving was a researcher who excavated artifacts. It being very unusual to see a researcher in the park and also, collector would have an eye for details,  Jack took him out him to a place farther to the park. Fearing that the researcher might turn violent under the hypnotism, Jack took all the precaution. In a sub conscious state, the researcher revealed that he had seen two children sitting alone in the electricity room right in the middle of the park. The case was resolved. The brothers were appreciated for their work by heja and the people.

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